The SteamPunk Bionics Academy was born out of the need for technical personnel trained in the science (and art) of 3D scanning of the human body, design and editing of those same scanned organic models in a true, full-function CAD environment, integrating those organic models into a mechanical framework via a full-function CAD environment, and rapidly producing those biomech devices and components via 3D printing and CNC milling in house, affordably and quickly.


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AOPA  2017 PowerPoints

Just a few of the student projects completed in class

The SteamPunk Bionics Academy mission is to provide quality, affordable and accessible education to healthcare professionals who need to advance their skills and knowledge to leverage emerging technologies in design, prototyping and fabrication at an affordable price. To accomplish this, the SteamPunk Bionics Academy incorporates a mix of freeware, OpenSource software and low cost commercial software along with 3D printing and milling hardware from the best and brightest small business innovators on the planet. The 3D printers and mills that we use are commercially available for under $1500 each. No, that is not a misprint. The software we use is well under $1000. The scanners are around $500! Learning how to utilize all of this to help your business - Priceless, but very affordable... 


The only product the SteamPunk Bionics Academy sells is education. We guide you to resources to obtain the software and hardware required. We have no financial relationships with these vendors, other than the fact that we have purchased product from them, just like you may choose to. Our senior instructor, Rick E. Sevier BOCO CPOA CPED, has over 30 years experience using and teaching CAD and biomech design/manufacturing/fabrication in various commercial, healthcare and university environments. Rick holds degrees in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Technical Education from Oklahoma State University, where he taught in the O & P Program for many years. Rick's personal goal is to make learning easy, fun and exciting for all of his students, no matter what their level of experience is.

The SteamPunk Bionics Academy does not replace O & P technician courses. It does supplement them. The world of CAD/CAM can be daunting. Add the organic aspect of dealing with anatomy to it and the need for competent designers is all too apparent. Our courses include some traditional learning. We have a plaster room, ovens, vacuum forms and grinders, a full O & P lab. But we also have a full 10 seat Computer Aided Design lab, CNC mills and 3D printers. Our classes are modular in design. We will assist you in determining your needs and snap together classes you need to accomplish your educational goal. Some of our classes are available in webcast while others are live at our lab in Tulsa Oklahoma. 

The SteamPunk Bionics Academy is a division of CFS Allied Health Education, a provider of quality ABC/BOC pre and post certification level educational resources to the Orthotic, Prosthetic, Pedorthic, Pharmacy and general Healthcare community since 2004. It is self-funded and family owned. Education is all that we do, and we are pretty good at it.

Contact Us! If you have any questions, please contact us at (918) 266-3678 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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